Delorme // Level 1’s "Less"


Crazy Karl living up to his nickname | Mt Hood, Oregon
Skier: Karl Fostvedt


LJ Strenio, 360 switch up to 270 out… both ways

When you watch this with both on the screen at the same time, it makes your brain hurt…it’s that good.


Urban in Detroit City

Morello is a bad bad man.


John Kutcher, SLC Urban


@noah_wallace has been killing it with the #seatbelt grabs at #wcs8. Been such a sick week so far, stoked to shoot the big jump tomorrow! @westcoastsession #newschoolers #skiing #mthood


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Video of the Day: April 13th, 2014 // Skiers: Conner Easton, Trevor Jansen, Lots more // Credit: Everyone


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Video of the Day, April 15, 2014 // Skiers: Jason Arens, Jake Doan, Nicky Keefer, Earl, Colter Brehmer, Sam Hurst, Will Wesson, Torin Yater-Wallace, Pete Arneson, John Kutcher, Noah Curry, and Khai Krepela // Credit: Garrett Jurach


This one…. Maybe the most anticipated. Kartel 98 underfoot and 106 underfoot. Replacing the Jeronimo with two options, more tailored to a mix of mountain and park. #on3p designed by @crazy_karl #whobuildsyourskis #madeinamerica #goskiingwithyourfriends

Evan Harwood Winter Break from Brendan Walmer on Vimeo.

Don’t do drugs kids…or do them…I’m not sure anymore.

Evan Harwood {Winter Break}